ioSTRATA is Built Around Your Needs.

ioSTRATA is a broad-based monitoring platform designed to meet the needs of your company.  Some of the key service features include:

Connectivity Monitoring

ioSTRATA provides a real-time connectivity view of every IP-enabled (IOT) device you register with our platform from complex data services to routers to VOIP phones and security cameras. 

Network performance

ioSTRATA monitors your network performance.  Is your network suffering packet loss or bandwidth constraints? 

ioSTRATA allows you to set the rules, and we take care of all your monitoring needs. 

Remedy alerts the way you want them

What situations require an alert?  Who should receive the alert?  What should be the form of the alert?  When should an alert be escalated?  ioSTRATA provides notifications based on the service level standards you set. 


Reporting for trend analysis to allow you to better plan your network and anticipate future growth.  Data from our monitoring is made available to you so you can plan and deploy often before your network is impacted.


  • Enterprise Product Performance

  • Ease of transition

  • Comparable cost with better features

  • Simple graphical user interface

  • Text messaging platforms (alerts)

  • Minimal transition downtime

  • Simple monitoring platform with Tier 1 remedy

  • Easy to use customer portal

  • Flexibility for setting reporting triggers

  • Value added features through Tier 2 support available

  • Robust and customizable reporting capabilities

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