ioSTRATA provides a network monitoring, management and remedy platform designed to allow organizations to fully operate their networks.


What makes our platform unique is that it is built from the perspective of the customer and the customer’s needs and requirements.


Automated Network Device Discovery

Quick and easy deployment

Multi-vendor device support 

ioSTRATA was developed based on real world observations and needs. Our platform is designed around the priorities and requirements of the customer for flexibility to adjust to the specific network being monitored.

ioSTRATA allows you to: 

  • Monitor your IOT (servers, network devices, and applications)

  • Customize service-level performance targets

  • Use historic data to monitor performance and utilization trends

  • Receive proactive alerts based on your needs

  • Remedy a network problem quickly and efficiently often before it impacts your business

The ioSTRATA monitoring platform is a tool that makes your business more effective and efficient.  Our commitment to you is that ioSTRATA will focus on your system needs. This customer-centered focus is how the company was created. 


Based in Austin, Texas by a team with a background in communications, the founders of ioSTRATA saw the day-to-day issues that businesses face.  The business networks continue to sprawl and broaden. They would add new locations and devices. Their needs were real-time and specific, but the tools available were not. 

... And, when they would receive news, it was often bad or late.

With that background, ioSTRATA took on the challenge to make a new kind of SaaS monitoring platform for all IOT devices.  One that is flexible, focused on what you need, and easy to use. We know from where we came, and we embrace that history as the cornerstone of our culture. It is our corporate DNA.  

In every planning or development meeting, we ask the same questions.  Are we improving our ability to meet our customers' needs?  Are we making the platform more usable for our customers?  Are we allowing our customers the ability to customize their solutions?

We know this focus makes us unique.

ioSTRATA is more than a monitoring platform. 

We are your IOT solution. We are part of your business.



ioSTRATA is Built Around Your Needs.


Our monitoring platform is a simple yet robust platform that changes the way that proactive monitoring happens. We provide fully customizable SLA’s, text alerts, and email notifications with simple graphic user interface. Our platform is far beyond anything on the market and offers value unlike anything in the industry.


Tier 1 immediate response is available and can be tailored to your needs. Simply upload your Tier 1 playbook, and when the need arises our 24/7 NOC will react to any alerts and resolve or escalate as needed.*  

ioSTRATA was established to do one thing.  Help our customers with a simplified IOT platform to more effectively monitor their every expanding network while providing tools to support remedying any network problems before they impact their business.

Real-time Monitoring …


Customized to Meet Your Needs

Start monitoring in minutes

ioSTRATA’s monitoring platform can be installed directly from the cloud for easy setup.

Proactive monitoring

Our customizable dashboard allows you to focus on the information that is important to your business and what impacts your bottom-line:  Connectivity?  Latency?  Bandwidth utilization? Edge device performance?  Our platform allows you to set the targets and the service level standards. We monitor based on your criteria and provide you the alerts you requested.  

Network performance

Track bandwidth usage and saturation down to the port level. Monitor I/O performance, check for packet loss, and be the first to know if a critical port goes offline.


Customizable alerts

Easily adjust alert notifications and emails. Change thresholds globally or set custom levels for individual devices. Avoid false alerts by easily scheduling time off for maintenance windows.


Historical data

Better understand your network and alerts by reviewing historical data; 5 minutes, 30 minutes, 24 hours, 7 days, or 30 days—view to meet your needs, find trends, and justify replacing old devices.


*The Tier 1 escalation procedure must be approved by our group prior to full activation.  Billing is $75/hour in 30 minute increments.  

You set the targets. 

You set the standards. 

We monitor.  

We provide you the alerts as you want them.


ioSTRATA is a broad-based monitoring platform designed to meet the needs of your company.  Some of the key service features include:

Connectivity Monitoring

ioSTRATA provides a real-time connectivity view of every IP-enabled (IOT) device you register with our platform from complex data services to routers to VOIP phones and security cameras. 

Network performance

ioSTRATA monitors your network performance.  Is your network suffering packet loss or bandwidth constraints? 

ioSTRATA allows you to set the rules, and we take care of all your monitoring needs. 

Remedy alerts the way you want them

What situations require an alert?  Who should receive the alert?  What should be the form of the alert?  When should an alert be escalated?  ioSTRATA provides notifications based on the service level standards you set. 


Reporting for trend analysis to allow you to better plan your network and anticipate future growth.  Data from our monitoring is made available to you so you can plan and deploy often before your network is impacted.


  • Enterprise Product Performance

  • Ease of transition

  • Comparable cost with better features

  • Simple graphical user interface

  • Text messaging platforms (alerts)

  • Minimal transition downtime

  • Simple monitoring platform with Tier 1 remedy

  • Easy to use customer portal

  • Flexibility for setting reporting triggers

  • Value added features through Tier 2 support available

  • Robust and customizable reporting capabilities




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